Gent Holding


Strategic and operational advisory

We precisely adapt business models to customers’ expectations and contribute to faster development of their businesses. We also create partner projects by developing growth of goodwill processes on the basis of defining the needs, analyzing the market, the company’s resources, assessing the capabilities and developing business plan, and, then help choosing the most optimum solutions, and provide advice with regard to selection of the financing model and concerning an effective implementation of the developed business models.

Human Resources

We offer the possibility of implementing an operational effectiveness programme by way of effective conducting of the recruitment processes. With specific business goals in mind, we are responsible for the assessment of the key competencies, potential and inherent risk. By offering combined expertise of human resources management and long-term expert knowledge of the HR issues, we can develop most effective business structure and organization models.

Mergers and acquisitions

We specialise in providing advisory on sale, mergers and/or acquisitions. Thanks to well-developed business relations and in-depth knowledge of business environment we can tailor solutions to suit customer’s expectations so that they best serve implementation of their purposes. With the benefitting of both parties to the transaction in mind, we ensure transaction safety at every stage of the process.

Business risk and advisory

We have experience in selecting the best investment project financing model. We effectively support business processes in terms of creating risk hedging strategies, starting from negotiation of the transaction terms with financial institutions through development of the risk management policy. We provide support to companies seeking additional funds for implementation of their goals to finance not only their operating activity but also business development and investments.